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I want to make the world more reliable, even though I like to break things. I believe in pushing boundaries a bit because that is where the learning begins. I further believe to truly learn, we all have to apply as well; sometimes it is best to apply what we learn but in a very unique way.  Diverse perspectives and fresh thinking are critical to that end. I strive to defend differences and diversity, and through that to bring value to everything I do.

Dr. Jason Rupe received his BS (1989), and MS (1991) degrees in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University; and his Ph.D. (1995) from Texas A&M University. He worked on research contracts at Iowa State University for CECOM on the Command & Control Communication and Information Network Analysis Tool, and conducted research on large scale systems and network modeling for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Survivability (RAMS) at Texas A&M University.  He has taught quality and reliability at these universities, published several papers in respected technical journals, reviewed books, contributed book chapters, and refereed publications and conference proceedings.

He is a Senior Member of IEEE and of IIE.  He has served as Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Reliability, and as its Managing Editor.  He has served as Vice-Chair’n for RAMS, on the program committee for DRCN and PHM, and on the committees of several other reliability conferences because free labor is always welcome. He has also served on the advisory board for IIE Solutions magazine, as an officer for IIE Quality and Reliability division, and various local chapter positions for IEEE and IIE.  He is currently on the AdCom of the IEEE Reliability Society, serving as their TC chair for SDN and NFV.  He is also serving on the standards board for IEEE Communications Society, and will co-chair the to-be-approved IEEE initiative on blockchain.

Jason has worked at USWEST Advanced Technologies, and has held various titles at Qwest Communications Intl., Inc, most recently as Director of the Technology Modeling Team, Qwest’s Network Modeling, Federated Network Data, and Operations Research group for the CTO.  He has always been those companies’ reliability lead as well. He spent some time teaching as an Adjunct Professor at Metro State College of Denver as well. Jason worked for over seven years as the Director of Operational Modeling at Polar Star Consulting where he helped government and private industry to plan and build highly performing and reliable networks and services. Currently, he is the Principal Architect for Proactive Network Maintenance at CableLabs. He holds two patents.

If you read this far, congratulations for making it to the end! Now dig deeper into some of the material I am sharing on this website, and please post feedback to challenge my thinking and improve what I can offer.


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